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Love on a Plate: The Gourmet UnCookbook E-Book (2nd Edition)
Your idea of healthy food is about to change forever with our revolutionary way of eating healthy.
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This is the e-book instant download version.

Click on the videos tab below to learn about our revolutionary way of eating healthy. 100 EASY simple raw vegan versions of the most popular meals in the world, from pizza that looks and tastes like the real thing but is GOOD for you- to Kung Pao “unchicken”, Indian food, creme brulee. There are even recipes for pop tarts and spaghettios for the kids! Our uncookbook makes an awesome gift for those you care about.

Your idea of healthy food is about to change forever. You can still eat pizza, pasta, bacon, cheese, pop tarts, Kung Pao unchicken, Pasta Pomodoro and all the pies, cookies, and cakes you want without sacrificing your health. In fact, as sinful as this food seems, it might actually make you feel better than you’ve ever felt in your life. This is an amazing breakthrough in health food, all made without meat, dairy, wheat, sugar, or anything unnatural. Yet it looks and tastes like the real thing. Everything is simple and easy. The beautiful pictures alone make this a collector’s coffee table book. Give this work of love to as many friends as you can!

  • Book length: 232 pages
    Language: English
    Book format: PDF only
    ISBN: 9780990935018 52997

    • gourmet uncookbook
      I live it it's the only way it works


      Bay Shore, NY

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    • UnCookbook Review
      I’ve actually made the chocolate cheesecake recipe a few times now and it is amazing. I served it at a wedding shower, and a few guests wanted to know what bakery I bought it from, lol. Had to break the truth and then led them to the Markus and Cara’s cookbook. It’s a really excellent book for people missing “junk” food and transitioning to a healthier diet and lifestyle.


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    • Very Good
      Very Good



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    • Fantastic
      A really great un-cookbook...easy to follow and creative. Just love it.



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