Please take the time to read all of these powerful, life-changing testimonials. I'm getting so many amazing stories from all over the world, I needed to share some of them with you. I want you to know what's possible, and inspire you to a new way of living. Many of these are what some would call "miracles". It's what happens when we simply do things that way nature intended. From health problems to personal freedom issues with prosperity and relationships-here is living proof it works!

Love and Light- Markus

Dee Dee Winfrey

Finding your channel changed my life you've explained things so well to me that I am now able to best that I can be. Thank you.

Livans Platez

Markus - I will NEVER unsubscribe! I have realised that the more I learn from you and nature the less I really knew about life in the past but I am finally TRULY happy and I can't believe that I can experience this happiness while I'm still alive, all because of you!

Naomi Poland

If it weren't for people like Markus Rothkranz I would have been dead years ago, "Pancreatic Cancer Survivor"

Chuck Majewski

Markus, I cleared up 30 years of Psoriasis and cured my Type 2 Diabetes without meds.

Emilio Torres

I am learning so much from your videos. I have healed myself from type 2 diabetes.

Lenka Mahovska

Your Green Formula helped my sister's son heal fast from 2nd degree burns. Here is the proof that it really works!

Squeezy Ó Madáin

My journey this past year is testimony to how powerful I am, what a trip "Heal Yourself 101" life changing book - to help me walk again coupled with an incredible mind I never even knew I had until I got sick. THANKYOU

Fabian & Andrea Fortier

Following the advice from your book helped clear up a severe digestive disorder that after 8 years of suffering!


I came back from the dead (saw my body on the floor O_o)..and then i found you and your ways Markus. I found the new way to see and I sought if someone else knew what I was feeling about life. I found you Markus.

Lisa Blackwell

I've eaten the way you teach for 11 months and healed Diverticulitis

Aqua Aura

Wild force greens have healed my twin flame of ovarian cysts and both of our hypoglycemic issues, and we have taken EVERYTHING..... we are so grateful to you :D

David Kaylor

I started drinking your cactus aloe smoothie several years ago and my Crohn's disease that $1300.00 a month medication could not help is now gone. 30+ years of struggling and pain, now gone!‬

Chris and Barbara Elvig

I had a blood test done with a top nutritionist in Utah with 30 years experience. The doctor said I have the blood work of a 18 year old male and wanted to know what I have been taking, When I told him about your powders and showed him what was in them he made copies of what was in your powders and made a comment to continue to take them for the rest of my life. As you can see by my test that your protein powder, greens and the vitamin C are in her words are beautiful. Blood tests don't lie. Honestly markus gods truth I have never felt so good in my life, from a year ago I was 286 lbs now I am 145 lbs. (I lost over 100 lbs!) I don't look as good as you, but I feel fantastic. One of these days markus we are going to have a bet who can walk the longest in the desert. Thank you Markus and Cara for everything:) We want everyone to know you and Cara have helped a lot of people with all your products and inspirations. Thanks

Chloe Cameron

My Acne which I have had for nearly 30 years has cleared up after nearly trying everything. Just want to to say a big Thank You! for your Heal Yourself 101 book.


After drinking your Aloe-cactus drink everyday for three weeks and I'm happy to tell you that stiffness and arthritis are gone. It is amazing! One of my helpers had arthritis for 11 years and now she is free and making this drink to everyone who wants to try it. It is just great.


Before I heard of you guys, I was taking 5 medications ..mainly for depression. But not anymore!THANKS FOR SAVING MY LIFE! Everybody asked me how can I be so optimistic after everything that's happened to me. So I tell them, "I take 1 cup of Markus and 2 scoops of Cara everyday.""

Jessie TheAxe

Three weeks raw vegan using your protein, energy, green formula and night rebuild formula, and I have my first big news. I went to the eye doctor today, and my eye prescription went from -5.75 to -3.75. It's been the same since about 8th grade, and a week ago I noticed my glasses were no longer comfortable. ...and I'm doing this to heal my head injury from a car accident! I didn't expect my eyes to get better, but it's a great side effect.


(Cactus Aloe drink) ‪This is what healed the high blood sugars i was having !!

Nancy Hambleton Kuczinski

I completely changed my diet because of you. Have lost weight, my allergies are gone, asthma gone, hot flashes and night sweats gone, and stomach aches gone. I feel like Im twenty something again. I sleep well now and my skin has improved drastically. Its an amazing feeling to have control of my health.Thank you!

Stella Ilyayev

Your vitamin c powder has saved my life. Where do I begin where shall I start. I was bedridden for almost 2 months, on antibioitcs and couldn't finish the 7 days cause I began started to have back pains. I than developed gastritis and near synocope which is sudden weakness and dizziness and fainting. I would cry asking God what should I do. So I started taking your vitamin c powder in high high doses, coconut kefir probiotic and aloe. Within 3 days, my aches were gone, my appetite was back. Your vitamin C is awesome, it saved my life.

Deborah White

You wouldn't believe me if I told you what this has done for my hands and wrists! My daughter lost weight and noticed a huge difference in her bouts of arythmia, as well as countless other things! We love you both! Thank you soooo much- You guys are priceless!!! Gotta go make some of Markus' ice cream for dessert!

Sandy HR Music

I lost 94 lbs, got off blood thinner meds & thyroid medwent down which is a first ever since being on it, I learned so much from you & many others for all their help, I can't wait to see more from this journey

Laura Hugel

Thank you for my life!

cragz rogers

M‪y girl friend has been suffering all her life with her sinus, she tried your neti pot suggestion today, and couldn't believe the feeling- she can not believe she has been suffering for so long, and she could have sorted herself out with something so simple, thanks Markus‬!

Swaha Salam

During the war in Lebanon, i was 8, we had to gather in the shelter in the basement and i used to draw while it was raining bombs out there. I fell upon a youtube video about your paintings... stunning. Still exploring all your gifts. In deep gratitude.

Angel Selmani

I tried the steamed bamboo & lots of fruit & herbs & I don't need get operation on my knee now, it is healing itself, i just need to do the exercises to stretch it. Yipeee!

David Henry

For any of you who doubt that this product works, I'm here to tell you it's not a joke. This stuff is very powerful stuff and it works. I believe it has saved my life. It has definitely renewed my hope to live a longer life. I can't thank you enough Markus.

Christian Gheorghe

The first day of using Parasite-Free, taking only one pill, one big dead intestinal worm came out of me - about 18 cm! I was happy. Then, on the third day, being in the JUICE FAST and taking 5 pills per day (the recommended dose), another big worm, almost the same size (18 cm) came out of me. Again, I was happy (even though, these days I felt very sick - because of my detoxifiation). The big giant came out of me in the fifth day of using your formula. It was at least 36 cm. I couldn't believe it! Thanks again! (Note: not everyone sees entire worms coming out because the diatomacuous earth in the formula shreds them up and the digestive system digests most of them before coming out)


I am a Type 1 diabetic and received two bottles of your Wild Force Green Formula, and after three days, I am already impressed, with my energy given my lack of sleep, but more important to me is that is does not raise my blood sugar as other green products have in the past several years. I am so thankful for your work and all that you share. I have enjoyed several of your books. You take yours to a level where no one else that I have followed has gone before. I wish you all the best in the launch of your new formulas and look forward to using each of them consistently. Much love and gratitude.

Shitij, Delhi India

Your book "Heal Yourself 101" changed my life...it has really helped me to overcome some really difficult Health issues i have been facing since childhood. God Bless you my dear friend.

Michelle Mietzner

I am a 100% disabled Gulf War Vet that is SUPPOSED to be in a wheelchair by this year......I am NOT. Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the first things I used when starting to improve my health and life a few years ago. Just ordered your cookbook yesterday. Am on DAY THREE with the Protein, Greens, Night Rebuild, and Energy Formulas. Still only using 1/2 a teaspoon twice a day and am already feeling amazing (and getting cleaned out). Just ordered the Vitamin C as well. Thank you for making such superior, healthy, and pure products...from one who has spent THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of dollars keeping myself alive and out of the hospital. Can't wait to get your books and DVDs in my library and to reach the next level of health. I am a lifelong customer and fan.

Gunter Murach, Germany

My blood test this month was so good my doctor asked me what i did? All blood data was excellent and even the testosterone doubled from 3.5 to 8 ! This is incredible and I feel a lot better. My doctor said what ever you do, keep going :-) I'm really exited in how far I can become even better in all ways of life. Thanks again Markus God bless you!

Dawn Shepherd

If it wasn't for your brilliant work and recent book "Instructions for a New Life", I could not endure the relationship things I am going through. With the amazing help of your powerfully true book I now have the strength to finally live my dreams.

Claudia James

For years I was fighting neck and shoulder pain with crazy migraine like headaches and high anxiety. Every single time I went to the doctor they took an X-ray and RXd muscle relaxer, pain killers, steroids and sometimes Xanax. The meds brought temporary relief but no healing, and a few weeks later I was back to the same pains and aches again. I have to mention, I never was a big meat eater in my 40 something years, and the past 6 years I was pretty much only plant based. I started using your protein powder, the pains and aches described above were GONE within 1 week, I could not believe it. When I researched protein deficiency on the www I was surprised to find the exact same symptoms I had on all MD sites but my doctors did not pick up on it. I can only speak good things about your protein powder. I use it every AM w/ almond milk (from your uncookbook recipe), bananas, and various of fruits and it changed my life. Another positive I got from your powder was no more extensive hair loss!! I can't believe how strong and healthy my hair became since. I also use your Green Formula and Vitamin C daily and I can say that I haven't had a cold or sniffle since. Also the cold sores I had all my life are gone!!!! And... All the allergies and skin conditions I had (cat, dog, horse, dust, seasonal etc) disappeared. I recommend it to anyone out there who want to change their life!! Thank you for all the awesome stuff you put on the market!

Chris Byars

You guys are the best...after six months of following your advice, I'm setting personal records for distance and speed...fastest mile was last weekend, 6'53"...thanks for giving me my life back!‪

Jerry Scott

Since buying "Heal Yourself 101" and after losing 100 pounds...just had my blood work done at the V.A. .and age 57...all my blood levels were "perfect"...ALL - LEVELS!

Mieke de Graaf, the Netherlands

Dear Markus, I cannot begin to tell you how much your green and protein formulas do for me. I feel different, more calm, far less stressed, I have unexpected nice conversations with people I meet in the street. I feel more at ease with life’s challenges, I have far less sugar cravings. Thank you so very much.

Victoria Hollis

You are mentioned by Jo Wood, the former wife of Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones, in the December issue of natural health magazine here in the UK she's specifically mentioned Heal Yourself 101. Well done on you for spanning the globe.

Yesenia, Kanoa, Pueo, Hawaii

Thank you for inspiring me, your book Prosperity Secret shifted my entire life in ways that are beyond words to describe! I love you both so much,I am grateful, I appreciate you!

kyra jachode

Sucked it up and did this! Just wanted to share for the ladies.... I was having my menses and wasn't sure about doing this, but what the hell is my approach and wow!! no more bloating no more cramps immediately!! So suck it up and just try it!!


Instructions New Life-Best book I've ever read. seriously!! I'm trying to get the public and private schools in Delaware to have this as a required reading. It's changed my life!

Cazzie x

I just wanted to say that you saved my life! Thank you My interest in plant medicine kept me going in my darkest hour, I have suffered with depression all my life. I am getting better thanks to your books. I have read your Free Food And Medicine Guide and Heal Yourself 101, fantastic books.

Claudia James

I take Markus' night rebuild and green formula and I can't even describe what a difference it makes. Allergies even on skin GONE! Anxiety reduced to none and the list goes on. I add the green formula to my dogs food too and the chihuahua w/ digestive problems is doing much better! Only can recommended everyone to buy. The vitamin C from store gave me a full blown kidney infection.. Markus great job w ur products! Thank you!!

Amy Stevenson

Thank You for doing what you do and helping me save my own life. I am down 70 pounds since I became a raw vegan February 11th of this year. You are truly amazing!

Michelle B

I'm now on my fourth night of taking the Night Rebuild formula and after almost 20 years as an insomniac with sleep paralysis, I can finally say that I have had the best sleep ever!! Last night I fell asleep like a healthy person, slept through, and woke up early and refreshed this morning! (This was previously unheard of. I struggled to switch my overactive mind off before 1am and struggled to get up before 10am...with lots of broken sleep in between.) Thanks so much Markus! You're a life saver.

Isurftilldawn, Australia

I just started reading your book "Heal Your Face". Man, my life just change.


Amazing! I'm completely pain free and healthy now, I followed your ebook Heal Yourself 101 when nobody else could help & was in a really bad state, and in such a short time I'm brand new. I really can't thank you enough but I'll try. Thank you x 100 million :) :') You're an angel.

Cee Cee Richards

Markus ...there are about 1 million or more people who would want to give you a hug because you've solved the mystery of LIVING

Shane EatRaw

I finished the 1840 mile bicycle weight loss journey in 62 days. I lost 88 pounds and I gained core strength, cured high blood pressure and the severe asthma I've had all my life. Thank You for being one of the raw foodists that have inspired me to follow through and find peace in my heart. God Bless You!


I was one of those people who read your ebook and said "nooooo!". But I was so sick I tried the enema, and now me and my butt have an extra close relationship :D And I really do not remember eating that string :/ Yep it works!!

Jessie TheAxe

You were right. Your protein formula is as effective as beef for my post concussive syndrome symptom management! The results have been amazing!! I guess raw-vegan works for a meat eater like me. It's time I make the switch.

Arie El

Got my night rebuild yesterday- I had the best sleep last night I've had in months!

Bella Chartrand

I just got my Blood Test Results in after the initial tests which showed I had the Hepatitis C ‘ANTIBODIES’ and the follow up tests showed NO TRACE OF THE ACTUAL VIRUS!!! YEAH! Apparently, my body fought off the actual virus that I was infected with when I was 13 during Scoliosis Surgery. (I’m 45 now).I feel better than I’ve ever felt in my life. Everyone says I look 10 years younger already and are asking what I’m doing and I’m turning them on to your website HealAnything.com. I’m your walking billboard now. Thank you for saving my life, Markus. I truly feel in my heart if I hadn’t ‘stumbled’ on your DVDs, books, etc., I wouldn’t have made it much longer with the way I was feeling.


I have taken all kinds of supplement and vitamins over the past years and I have to say that your greens is the one I will never be without. I feel so good and now my other herbs and such are just collecting dust :D

Mark Peneski

I am a 43 year old commercial airline pilot living in Denver and due to sitting a lot and probably a not so great diet of airport food, I've been feeling more and more drained all the time. I ordered your Cleanse Kit and just started trying everything a few days ago. I'm a newbie to this whole cleanse/healing thing. Whoa! Unreal. I tried the Charconite this morning on an empty stomach (horrible tasting), followed by 10 parasite capsules. Within 1 1/2 hours I pooped several times. I could see tons of parasites the size of almonds/peanuts. My stomach feels a little bloated (assuming rapid kill off) but fortunately for me I have no trouble pooping. Im flushing with water now. This stuff is amazing and I can't believe it works so fast! In addition, I cannot believe the amount of parasites coming out of my body and the size of them. I'm definitely impressed. Keep it up!

Meg Pylant

My son had severe drug addiction and if you know, they suffer tremendous body aches, sleeplessness, anxiety and irritability for months to years trying to stay clean and it is most often why they go back to using drugs again as the discomfort is horrible. Not anymore after taking your Night Formula, my son felt instant relief in about 5 minutes and was able to sleep over 4 hours the first night. And it has continued to improve since. He overdosed (drugs)recently but survived and you'd be so shocked after what all he took, that he even recovered. Thank you.

Wally David

Thank you markus. I lost 11 pounds in 7 days wish i knew who you where 20 years ago.

James Carmichael

Been doing enemas before going to bed and I've never slept so well in all my life.


After taking your green formula, my husband and I's hypoglycemia is NO MORE! I cannot tell you what this means to me! For years I have tried every herb imaginable for blood sugar stabilization for it never to work. Having low blood sugar is so annoying, you always have to have snacks, you can never just be spontaneous and take off to the beach (snacks, fruit , and lunchbag was always required) Not to mention we would get really cranky when our blood sugar drops. I have had this issue most of my life so it is not what I was or was not eating. Let me repeat..... NO MORE HYPOGLYCEMIA for us! Much Gratitude Markus for making this product, words cannot express how thankful we are! :D

Damian Ray

(Free Food and Medicine Edible Plant Guide) I went hiking and was on the top of the mountain little bit longer than I was planning. I had some water but no food so I got hungry. I saw dandelions, plucked few of them, and ate them (the tops, the yellow ones). And this filled me up for another few hours! That was such an amazing experience, Markus, - just like you say that we cannot starve in nature. Amazing!


I decided to give this a try after I had such positive results from some of his other formulas. I LOVE this! The first day after I used it, I had a lot more energy and did not need to drink any coffee to get through my day. After just one week on this formula, I am amazed at how much better I look and feel. I highly recommend Night Rebuild. Markus, thank you so much for creating this product. Thank you for all your products!


Wow- I'm on day 50 of my parasite cleanse- frigging gross what was inside me mucus, worms, worm pods, flukes, tapeworm, and rope worms. Much more I'm sure but it was covered in poop. Thanks for being an inspiration in cleansing bodies. You helped me to destroy the monsters inside me.

Joan Hartsough

As a nurse for 25 years, have seen the decline of American health/fitness in a very personal way. You are so right - people have become like an ostrich- burying their head in the sand and turning toward the next 'magic' pill/detox/surgery for a 'cure'. You are touching so many, Markus! I just love to watch you and Cara live the message of truth! Many thanks!

Tammy Bates

I was having such terrible PMS yesterday and was feeling so emotional and felt like crap. I ordered your Night Rebuild formula, but had not been taking it. I took it last night before I went to bed and woke up this morning feeling great. Screw you PMS, I have a weapon for you.

Chris Elvig

My wife and I lost 100 lbs each. Going raw for us was hard at first but now we want to do it for the rest of our life. We are 55 and 56 and are feeling like teenagers again. Went to hospital to have the 7 tumors removed from my bladder, The doctor was amazed that the tumors were not larger and their was no new ones. After surgery he has changed his mind about removal and wants to re-look in 30 days. At this point I am cancer free unless they come back. I have been using your greens, protein, ozone, raw food and enemas. After surgery the anesthesiologist came to see me and wanted to know what I have been doing, he said during surgery my heart rate was that of an athlete. Heal yourself 101 and Markus's green formula's are a part of are daily life. Thank you:)


Post Menopause Bliss- Empowerment and Freedom I quit my corporate job at 47 and spent my 48th birthday snorkeling in Belize. I've climbed temples, white water rafted, got my scuba certification, volcano boarded, etc...just in the last 6 months. I'm in Asia now, and will relocate in the US when I return. I have no idea what im going to do for money, but I'm just trusting that I will know when the time is right. I can't think of a time that I've been more happy. Thanks for sharing this video! I just don't worry, and because I'm not anxious, life seems to just flow. I'm not scared or depressed any more. For the first time in years (may be ever), I'm having a love affair with life. IT'S NEVER TOO LATE!


Just did my first enema and I feel great! This is better than drugs lol Thank You Markus!

Sherri Lynn

You were the ONLY person to inspire me to do a water enema. I did it when I bought your book and WOW, I have a flat tummy and I can feel how much cleaner I am. Much appreciation for the education.

Leonard Tam

Since I heard you on a podcast, my life has changed. You helped my life considerable professional and privately. I could go into what you've done for me but you won't have the time to read and I honestly don't have the time to write but I did want to thank you very much. I hope to meet you one day.


"Instructions for a New Life", Post Menopause Bliss- Empowerment and Freedom
Perfect story at perfect time. I just decided to let go of my place, my job, and everything provides me with security. I am going to travel and spend the summer in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, no plans after summer yet. Before that, I was spending hours looking for a job, doing interviews, and nothing seemed to work out for me. Then this opportunity came to me very easily I couldn't believe it at first. But now it is happening. A place to live, food to eat, and extra money that I will get for doing something I have always dreamed of doing. Open your heart and believe in your dreams.


This is exactly how I healed my cancer 8 years ago..... I changed my thoughts and stage 3 cancer disappeared.... thank you for posting this Markus. Namaste.

Sonja Kaye

Before I knew it, my life started changing. So grateful for what you and Cara share, Markus.

Marc Poisson

I have just placed my third oder with you and i must admit the Night Rebuild is the only product to date that has let me sleep, so way to go.


I absolutely agree! I had my first child then cleaned up my ways of eating, stopped using chemical birth control, and never used any kind of birth control afterwards. I never got pregnant again until I began thinking that I wanted another child.


I can't believe I received this video today. I have been discussing the fact that women on raw diets don't have periods with a famous vegan medical doctor, along with the fact that women who are struggling to get pregnant, pretty much 100% of the time will get pregnant if they switch to a vegan diet. He sent me a study that his group did (you may have heard of them - Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine - and confirmed this. Especially for my sister who is now 44 years old, and has refused to believe me that what she eats has anything to do with the fact that she has not been able to conceive.Thank you so much for everything you are doing. You are such a HUGE inspiration, and such a beautiful person!!!


A great video. Another example of how many things we grew up believing are just absolutely wrong. Just because the majority of women menstruate, it does not mean it is normal. The same as it is not normal to became sick and tired with age. From all the rawfoodists I follow, you are the most original and always coming up with something new and eyes-opening. I could even split my life in two eras: before and after Markus. Hahahaha. Thank you for your great work.

Diana Tayan

We are taught from a very early age to be afraid of and disempowered by our fertility. Women especially. I know intuitively that is false.

Anthony M

I started taking the green formula and never could have predicted how good the results would be! I've been going through deep detox and regeneration and my brain function is healing... Thank you markus you're one of the most inspiring people on the planet right now :)


Thank you Markus, For ALL YOU ARE AND DO! because of your great love and tender heartedness I am on my road to COMPLETE RECOVERY! you name it I HAD IT! I was 49 last yr and will be 20 this yr! thank you again!

Braden E Wilkerson

I just quit my 25 year career, and am going through the purging process.. losing the things that aren’t me, and becoming open to new opportunities. I’ve abandoned “opinions” of things, and am more in the moment than ever. i just wanted to say i love you, you’re so amazing, after watching some material I’m realizing that my personal success is tied not just to my job, but my body, teeth, etc… you really reminded me of the wholistic nature of happiness at a time where i was beginning to cave to family and social pressure to re-conform.

Raphael‬, Germany

I just want to say THAAAAANK YOUUUUUUU!‬ ‪You've changed my life FOREVER. I don't even know how to say this properly, it is so beautiful what you do and what you say and live. ‬Was du sagst hat eine tief verborgene Wahrheit in mir zum schwingen gebracht. Ich bin dir unendlich dankbar!‬ ‪Viel Liebe aus Deutschland!‬

Samer Halabi

What can i say , you changed my life..... i wish i read your books long long time ago


"Instructions for a new life" is literally the best book I've ever read. My whole extended family wants to get a copy. I'm on page 84 and I'm already changed! When I started chapter 9, I was like YES hit the nail on the head. :) gotta clean out my old MySpace pics too.


Read your book recently, and gave up on my expectations, disappointments and longing to find him..and then poof my guy just showed up out of nowhere! My attitude and vibration was keeping him away. It's a very easy, comfortable, giving and sexy relationship. Thank you, Markus!!! :) He is exactly how I imagined him to be. He couldn't be more perfect. It's magic!!!


I recently lost over 40 pounds on raw foods and juicing, I'm a normal size now! I can't tell you how it has changed my life, people respond to me differently and I respond to myself differently, it was worth the effort and now I know how to keep it off and stay healthy and certainly like looking at myself in the mirror and others like looking at me now too! Amazing! I treat myself with more respect and so do other people! Keep up the message, fat is an epidemic in our culture!

Sascha Sabina Richardson

I think you saved my young life a few years ago, just by the things you said. Thank you.


My friends can't even recognize me from all the weight I took off. Again thank you.For the rest of you people doubting this awesome man I say this, you need to sit on the toilet and take a dump. You'd be surprised how full of shit you are.


Just this morning, I told myself "no more excuses' you've got to get out of this verbally-abusive marriage; job or not! This message is for ME. I love you, Markus! God richly bless you!


This is 1000% true ! I said to myself "I'm not going to settle like my sister did, she is overweight and unhappy but faking it - NOT me" and I found my love of my life at the ripe old age of 33. YES it was worth it !!! I didn't settle and found the love of my life. THIS WORKS PEOPLE :)


Yeah I had that chronic prostate thing and my father too, none of us have had those problems since we became vegan and we where suffering for years before that. So guys out there get off the damn animal products!

Peter Ati Man

Thank you Markus for your spectacular book "Heal Yourself 101"! I'm on day five of my juice fast and I feel like I'm high on ecstacy.

Arjun Ramesh, India

I've been in India for the past week, visiting family. I took your Green Formula with me and it's absolutely delicious! TSA gave me quite a hassle about it and after stopping in Hong Kong and India, it got X-rayed 4 times. I was wondering if that would cause any damage to the contents inside. When I am not able to find 100% organic raw vegan produce here, I am take your drink and love how much energy I get from it. It literally lasts me all day! My family is really surprised how I'm like the Energizer bunny now. Haha!

Smaranda Alecu

I have been using your detox products for some time now and I feel extraordinary. I would describe in detail the health improvements they have produced and the impact your books and videos had on my life but I would have to write at least a few pages( no atopic dermatitis, improved eye sight, no cravings, clear skin, healthy hair, weight loss, improved digestion, balanced hormones great blood test results, etc. - and this is only the physical side + emotional health, focus, meaning, love, freedom&peace). Thank you very much for everything you do, and God bless you.

Irma Romano

I bought your Green life Force for my car accident injuries and healed in 3 weeks from soft tissue pain. I just got your protein formula and plan on getting other stuff you make. This car accident is expanding my energy and has made me want to create a place of real healing somewhere with all the best wisdom and practices like in the movie Sacred Science. I know exactly why I incarnated here at this time. Thanks for being such a great Source of high vibrational energy, and helping so many. I send you all my heart warmth gratitude today.

Kate L

I had the courage to leave a relationship that wasn't fulfilling even though a child was involved. I wanted my child to experience what a loving and nurturing relationship could be like and gratefully I found this with the new man in my life. Things just come naturally with him and the way he nurtures, cares and emotionally and physically supports me is nothing like I had before. He has definitely reconfirmed for me that the relationship between partners is a strong force and can bring you much happiness. Unfortunately some people don't see it that way but I know I made the right decision for me and my child. Just reading your articles gives me hope and I really hope others find enlightenment too.


I am stunned, really. I was beginning to blame myself and think something is bad about me. This is a shocking and revolutionary thing you are proposing... And clearly LIVING. Thank you so much.

Jessica Brown

My husband is using the Night Rebuild and he hasn't had night sweats since and it's only a few days. Amazing. And I love the Green Formula.

Kjetill Moberg

I do enemas 2 times a week, I'm a New person after that, and now finally my wife start doing it cant thank you enough Marcus, you have given me a New life my friend


I had prostate pain, chest pain, and back flank pain every day for a month and ordered some of this powder. Within 3 days all the pain went away. Great stuff‬

João Paulo

Wild plants made me drop amphetaminne and benzodiazipine.‬

Carolyne, Kentucky

I have SO Much Energy it's incredible!! I have been constant with the green formula drink & it's like I couldn't stop last night....I just kept going & going & going!!!! I'm Amazed at Myself!!!! It was hard to sleep last night & I stayed up until after 1:00, but I was Trying to go to sleep!! I think I had better have the Green Force Drink earlier, but I was getting so much done....I only had one scoop in with the tomato juice, Oh, My Goodness, ..gotta go..

Kelly Stuart

Anyone that even questions these products should just keep walking. I spent THOUSANDS over the past few years on beauty and weight loss products. I then spent $30 on one of Markus's e-books and in just TWO weeks, I look and feel better than when I was 18 (I am now a size 6).Had I known I would have gotten these results, I would have paid 10 TIMES what I paid.

Jonathan Newton

I just wanted to say Thank You for the advice in the Prosperity Secret. I've set up 6 bank accounts and I'm working them as you suggest. I'm excited to continue this process and take control of my life. Thank you Markus!!

Toni Hunt

I am loving the Green Formula. I accidentally spilled about a spoonful when I first opened it, and my dog came running to lick it up off the floor before I could get to it, then sat up begging for more! Guess she knows a good thing when she tastes it!

Shane Mdden

My body is healing at a rapid pace thanks to this gentleman's wisdom.

Michael Zeng

Watched your neti pot video and bought one myself- no allergies this year! i love you so much.


‪I have mono and have been only able to treat the symptoms and I made your pine/rosemary/licorice tea last night and it was the first time I was able to go to sleep and breathe through my nose!!! I think it also made my earaches go away too because I don't have those anymore either. While I'm at it, I might as well tell you that my tonsils which were covered in the dead white and black tissue looked much better when I woke up. Inflammation down and white tissue falling off finally. Thank you, Markus!‬

Sandra Chmiel

I found out I had breast cancer a little over 5 years ago, I truly wish I had known then what I know now. I totally agree with you!!!! One of my first questions was how did this happen to me? I meditated on it several times and it was plain and simple…I didn't love myself, felt guilt and anger toward myself. Married a man that I let take advantage of my femminity. The answer came to me…I was willing to die to prove I was worthy to live and be loved, but what I needed to learn that only I needed to love me!! …as you stated there were so many things throughout my life that led me to the unloving of my very soul (and I wasn't even aware of it, until breast cancer) So ultimately breast cancer gave me an opening into a world of faith and love that I never knew existed. I also had a baby at a young age (and didn't really know I felt shame)….so many ill feeling I carried with me for so many years they had to manifest in some form. The breasts are nurturing and such a beautiful part of a woman, so the manifesting of cancer in them is the ultimate loss (so we think). And as I felt lost and ugly, these rogue cells did just what they are meant to do (grow and survive). I decided to look at them as neither good or bad, they just were doing what they are there to do. We have such a short time to explore this wonderful existence, moving away from the misguided understanding of how and why we are here needs to be forever changed. Thank you.

Russell James Williams

I wanted to thank you for your amazing book 'Heal Yourself 101' this thing has literally turned my life around! Im a 23 year old professional musician working with major labels and professional production companies in London UK. Im currently on my 2nd national tour and things are going great! i am the son of a very successful entrepreneur and live in a beautiful part of the south of England. I have a wonderful family and friends and an amazing girlfriend. Although i have much to be thankful for I have however always felt something was very wrong, i was raised on the typical western diet and the harder i worked out my energy was just never great. i have been feeling more and more drained as each day goes by, and every pill, energy drink or medicine just never put it right! until i read your book! I really respect and look up to you as an example of how i would like to give back to the world. MY LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME! your book and the incredible discovery i have made in raw food is changing almost everything in my life for the better.I am gradually making the change to 100% raw and every day I make adjustments i feel better and better. My Vitiligo is seeing repigmentation already. A serious tear and tendonitis in my left arm healed within 3 weeks! (estimated at 1 year using western medication and treatment) Thank you Markus i really hope one day we can meet so i can tell you in person how much you have touched my life.

Tomas Thomas

Eres una persona que marcaste el rumbo de mi vida, gracias Markus.
You are a person that you marked the course of my life, thanks Markus.

Claudia James

Markus, thanks to you my sis in law was able to live 2 more years a happy, pain free and a normal life with stage 4 breast cancer. Unfortunately her cancer was so aggressive and she passed. But our entire family still takes your recommendations very serious. My mom was for 20+ years a high risk for heart attack and stroke, with HIGH cholesterol. No medication could get under control, she had high blood pressure, thyroid problems and borderline diabetes. She took a pill for every illness above and nothing helped. She went on the diet and now she is almost medication free. The doctors could not believe the results they got in her last blood test! And neither could she. You are completely correct that clean healthy diet heals your body. My mom is 72 and she looks like in her early 60's. I am very proud of her and we can't thank you enough that we found your book! Love,

Tyler Tolman TT

Go buy Markus' book "Heal Your Face". This book changed my life and is the reason I became an Iridologist and Sclerologist.

Wardie Ward

You are Full On, Markus. You speak truth. I know because with 2 years of veganism under my belt I have regained everything I lost in the decade and a half after turning 50. I weigh what I did when I was 45 and have never felt better. At 67 I no longer fear turning 70, or even 80 for that matter. Keep up the good service to humanity.

Justine Myers-Joiner

I read your book "Heal yourself 101" and my doctor said, "Whatever you're doing, keep doing it!"


Your book "The Prosperity Secret" is changing my life! :)

Nancy Owens

I have been consuming Dandelions for 4 months and WOW is all I can say! I am 50 and wish I had known this yrs. ago. I feel GREAT!! No more HIP PAIN, Skin is so soft, my feet look 20 again..REALLY!! There's so much more they have done for me. Has changed my diet big time, makes fake food taste fake. I crave the good stuff now. If only more PEOPLE would listen. I got proof. :)


My skin's gotten all smooth, even where the sun damage is lol! Also my health has improved and my energy is thru the roof and i'm running and doing all the things i never did before. I Am so greatful for Heal Yourself 101.


A few weeks ago I got the Heal Your Face book from you and it convinced me to change my diet. This was pretty drastic for me, I was a "meat and potatoes" kind of guy. In this short time, I have noticed a big improvement in my energy level. PLus my skin is improving and I have noticed that some bumps on my face are shrinking, basically they are disappearing! I'm very pleased.

Kassy Manuele

I had a very painful Plantar's Wart on my foot. I tried everything to get rid of it, but it persisted. After just a few weeks of your program it has now almost entirely disappeared! Plus I have dropped from 189 lbs to 174 lbs, my target weight, with no loss of muscle and actually a gain in energy. Thank you!TRP

I have lost 75lbs. Realizing that it is actually possible for me to be thin, strong and outrageously beautiful, I have actually made the commitment to compete in local figure competitions.

Steffi Von Trechten


Qz Clouser

Thank you for taking time to sit down and write The Prosperity Secret. I’ve read a lot of how to create-abundance stuff lately and must say I’m a bit weary of it all. However, in less than two days after finishing your book, doors opened that I did not even know were there. I was showered with abundance in love and health, and just as equally,in money. Real live MONEY! Through you, Markus, we’ve had a great weight lifted off our shoulders. Mainly because we now know that we are abundant, truly rich people. It’s funny how my thoughts are now busy with “Who can I give to today?” rather than “How can I make money today?”

Robert Dorna

Instructions for a New Life is the greatest book ever written.Seven days ago I started your vegetable juice fast with some granny smith apples along with taking your Parasite Free. Thank You For Saving My Life. Markus Go Bless You!

Stan Efraimov

I've just finished reading "Instructions for a New Life", and it's as if you were actually looking into my soul. It was a bizarre yet amazing read. Thanks for this! I've always been curious to know why certain people in my life wouldn't support me or even talk to me as much as I would to them but now I know.

Cecile -Denmark

You have helped me change my life in ways I never thought possible. I am now more free than so far in my life. And words just cannot thank you enough, my heart is filled with gratitude! You are a shinning star that makes others shine and thank you so much for the work you do for this planet.

Thomson Shellie

I've been drinking the green formula for a week now, but noticed... noticeable results the first day, more energy, and the other is "frustrating" it puts you in the mood, was not expecting that one. i almost resent how well that is working now. ha ha. Thank you for a superior drink.

Kjetill Moberg, Norway

I walked 465km across Norway in 7,5 days living off your green powder and protein powder, some nuts, 1tablespoon coconut oil, 1tablespoon Udos oil. I was walking around 70km a day and was out on the road 12-14 journalist a day. I was full of energy all day long. And now as i look at it, the Body doesn't need much as long as it is the right stuff this really open my eyes my friend.

Dan Mulholland

Your Vitamin C powder is working wonders on my health. I believe it was a serious missing link. Thank you.

Tammy Jenkins

My son has allergies and asthma and I have wanted to throw away the medicines doctors say he has to have but had no alternatives..and right now the fields are full of clover and dandelions and I knew they were calling to me as if I had an abundant treasure outside my back door but wasn't sure how to use them. Thank you for sharing (the edible Plant Guide) Markus.

Geneva Livingstone

This is very true!!! Over 40 and using the Night Rebuild formula!! Night sweats gone!!! Also shared with a friend who has the most restful sleep now. Her words, "I wake up SO refreshed and ready to start the day!" Thanks Cara for the info!

Jerry Scott

Thank you for the lives you have saved, the suffering you've ended, and the joy you've helped to restore to peoples hearts!

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