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At Markus Products, we’re doing Christmas year-round with this special deal! Give the gift of a new life with our New Life Set from world-renown health expert Markus Rothkranz. Our New Life Set includes:

  • (1) “Instructions for a New Life” print book
  • (1) “Prosperity Secret” print book
  • (1) “Edible Plant Guide” print book

All for $59.97. That’s a 15% savings!

About Instructions for a New Life
This is the book we should have been given from the beginning. “Instructions for a New Life” starts with letting go of all the old thought patterns, destructive habits, relationships, and material things we cling to. It teaches us not to fear loss, by finding an inner peace that transcends our paranoid thoughts. Restart your life by cleansing your body through mind and body detoxing and a proper diet.

About The Prosperity Secret Book
This book can change your life forever. If you are not happy with your life, and not living your purpose, you need to read this book. Money is just a side effect, not a goal. Success and prosperity has nothing to do with the economy, luck, skill, talent, intelligence, or who you know. Anyone can do this, and this isn't some flowery power-of-attraction new-age fluff. This is practical, simple truth. The Prosperity Secret includes three chapters from actual mega-millionaires who started with nothing.

About the “Ultimate Edible Plant Guide”
Three years of production and a lifetime of research have gone into this book. It contains 480 pages of 1,000 worldwide edible plants with over 2,500 amazing color images. This book covers everything from house plants to wild plants to trees to flowers. Each plant in this book has a listing of what health conditions historically it’s been used for, and best of all, this book is compact enough to take outside. Want to know what plants make a great shampoo? Want to know what plants are toxic? Buy our Ultimate Edible Plant Guide and find out today!

  • Instructions for a New Life
    Book length: 304 pages
    Language: English
    Book backing: Paperback only
    ISBN: 978-0-9834490-7-2

    The Prosperity Secret Book
    Book length: 208 pages
    Language: English
    Book backing: Hardback only
    ISBN: 9780983449041 52497

    The Ultimate Edible Plant Guide
    Book length: 480 pages
    Language: English
    Book backing: Paperback only
    ISBN: 9780983449065 52297

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