The Prosperity Secret [4] DVD Set
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Video interviews with some of the most successful people out there, explaining how they started with nothing and ended up living their dreams. After a while, you realize they are all saying the same things and that you can easily be doing the same as them. They are normal people just like you. The laws of success are universal and apply to everything in life, not just money. There is no reason you cannot be super-successful. The world needs you; be inspired!
  • Language: English
    DVD region: Plays in all regions
    Number of Discs: 4 discs

    • Prosperity Secret Review
      Four years ago I was a broke single mom facing homelessness. I stumbled upon one video by Markus and it was like a defibrillator for my life. I worked 3 miserable jobs and spent my cable tv money on several of Markus’s books. The tv was turned off and suddenly my life was turned on. I am now remarried,live in a beautiful home, never have to work if I don’t want to and most important, I try to share life and happiness with others. Markus and Cara may look like living Ken and Barbie dolls but if you listen and practice what they share your life will change for the better
      Denise Gelsimino


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