Detox 1 Month Set
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Product Description

Click the videos tab below to learn more about the products included in this set. Everyone should do a cleanse at least once per year. Our one-month cleanse includes:

  • (1) Parasite-Free (300 capsules)
  • (1) Charconite (220 capsules)
  • (1) Free-Colon (220 capsules or 170g of powder)
  • (1) Free-Liver (220 capsules or 170g of powder)

Save $19.00 when you order this set!

  • About Parasite-Free

    Parasite Free is an amazing, all-natural product with the most-powerful herbs available known historically to blast parasites, shred them to bits and kill them. Parasite-Free also contains herbs to help expel them, boost and assist the liver in the process and even help minimize nausea associated with the gasses resulting from dying parasites. This should be taken for 3 months to ensure you got them all. Free yourself of these aliens that have been controlling you, your moods and your health! View Product FAQs

    About Charconite

    A super-powerful combination of charcoal and bentonite to absorb anything toxic inside of you, plus some herbs to help push it through your digestive system. Perfect for gas, food poisoning, toxic environmental poisons, bad food, and even toxins created by illness and parasites. It goes through your system absorbing anything bad. View Product FAQs

    About Free-Liver

    Your liver is your body’s filter. It’s your most important organ. All illnesses start with a clogged liver. All cholesterol and toxins end up in the liver, creating stones which end up in the gallbladder. The liver also produces glucose, your body’s energy source, so if you are tired a lot, you need to clean out your liver! Free-Liver contains chanca piedra, and herb that literally dissolves stones! View Product FAQs

    About Free-Colon

    Cleaning out the colon is the first thing you should do before anything else. This formula helps get things moving without giving you the runs. It has lots of fiber to brush your insides while absorbing toxins. It includes aloe to soothe the intestines, ginger to ease the digestive system, citrus flavinoid antioxidants, and cascara sagrada to push it all out. Works great! View Product FAQs

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