Protein, Greens, Vitamin C, and Age-Free Set
Get three of our best-selling nutritional formulas plus our top-selling anti-aging product, and save 15% over purchasing separately.
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Product Description

Click on the videos tab below to learn more about the products in our Protein, Greens, Vitamin C, and Age-Free set. This set includes one container each of my four most-popular items:

  • (1) Age-Free (220 capsules or 170g powder)
  • (1) Green Formula (430g)
  • (1) Herbal Vitamin C (300g)
  • (1) Super Plant Protein (681g)

Save 15% over buying items separately!

  • About Age-Free

    Our Age-Free formula contains the most powerful antioxidants known, which help fight free-radical damage and aging. Also includes Tocotrienols, the best non-toxic source of vitamin E, full B complex, ellagitannin and turmeric (two of the most powerful cancer fighters), grapeseed extract, fo-ti, jiaogulan, milk thistle, astragalus, and ashwagandha. It’s packed with the best of the best! View Product FAQs

    About Green Formula

    This is your source of energy, vitamins, minerals, and nutrition. You can live off this stuff if you want. It’s a great meal replacement. Add it to your smoothies and you’ll find yourself eating less other food. Many people report going up to five hours of energy from this stuff. It also helps regulate blood sugar and is a great aid for helping with diabetes. View Product FAQs

    About Herbal Vitamin C

    This vitamin C is 100% powdered plants- the highest sources of vitamin C in the world, including extremely rare Gubinge, harvested by tribal people in Australia. Vitamin C helps convert cholesterol to adrenal hormones. Lack of vitamin C is one of the biggest reasons for collagen loss leading to wrinkles, aging, weakened arteries, and immune deficiency. Stress and stimulants like caffeine cause vitamin C deficiencies, so people in the modern world NEED vitamin C! Take as much of this stuff as you want. View Product FAQs

    About Super Plant Protein

    We use pine nuts and durian, two super expensive ingredients unlike any other. Pine nuts are the highest source of protein and essential fatty acids of any nut or seed in the world. Nobody else in the world uses durian in their protein powder because it’s so hard to get and process. Prickly pear cactus is another undiscovered miracle plant. Read the ingredient list and compare with others. Try it for a month and watch the results in the mirror! Other protein powders constipate. This is the first protein powder that actually helps you go to the bathroom! (because it’s just ground-up plants; not processed, dead powders). This is by far the most effective and best tasting raw vegan protein powder money can buy. View Product FAQs

    • Fantastic Quality
      As a passionate owner of a small nutritional supplement company, I am VERY particular about which supplements I put into my body. Markus' brand is second to none, and is exactly as advertised.. the key to getting the results you desire is to follow his directions to the "T".. don't skimp just to save a few bucks, or you may be disappointed with the results.

      To your health!


      Tampa, FL

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    • My body loves this stuff!
      Thanks So much for sharing these Amazing products with us! My body loves it!! I use only the powders and I can truly tell that a big change is happening to my body. My favorite is the Green Formula/ Vitamin C. It tastes SO good!!!



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