Bodybuilder Set
Our Bodybuilder Set includes three of our best-selling nutritional formulas and saves you 15%.
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Product Description

Get the body you’ve always wanted – the vegan way – with our Bodybuilder Set today. This bundle includes three of our best-selling nutritional formulas and saves you 15% over purchasing the items separately. Includes:

  • (3) Super Plant Protein (681g of Sweetened or Unsweetened powder)
  • (1) Man-Force Formula (350 capsules)
  • (1) Night Rebuild (350 capsules or 330g of powder)
  • About Super Plant Protein

    We use pine nuts and durian, two super expensive ingredients unlike any other. Pine nuts are the highest source of protein and essential fatty acids of any nut or seed in the world. Nobody else in the world uses durian in their protein powder because it’s so hard to get and process. Prickly pear cactus is another undiscovered miracle plant. Read the ingredient list and compare with others. Try it for a month and watch the results in the mirror! Other protein powders constipate. This is the first protein powder that actually helps you go to the bathroom! (because it’s just ground-up plants; not processed, dead powders). This is by far the most effective and best-tasting raw vegan protein powder money can buy. View Product FAQs

    About Man-Force Capsules

    Man-Force is designed to help promote the body’s own natural production of testosterone in men, an important hormone that helps keep men young, burns fat, builds muscle, and of course, helps in the bedroom.

    About Night Rebuild

    This formula helps promote restful sleep and hormone production. Other than our Green Formula, this is one of the most important Markus Products formulas for people in the modern world. It has a unique flavor, thanks to the plentiful use of geranium flower. This is the exact same formula Markus and Cara use. Many people report no more night sweats after using our Night Rebuild formula. If you are serious about regenerating health, youth, and vitality, you need our Night Rebuild! View Product FAQs

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