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Cara Enema Water Bottle Kit
Clean your colon at home, safely, with the Cara brand enema water kit.
  • Enema Kit product shot.


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Slow and gentle! Use filtered water only, and do not add anything to the water. Slightly warming it to your body temp makes it pleasant. Only insert the tip, not the hose! Adults use only; use a full bag of water.

I can’t tell you how excited Cara and I got when we found this inexpensive, natural rubber enema kit from a company called Cara Incorporated! We took it as a sign to start offering it on the website. So here you go, no more excuses! Time to wash all that crap out. Headaches? Tired a lot? Low energy? Constipated? Cranky and depressed? Try this!

  • Manufacturer: Cara International
    UPC: 038056000033

    • Cara Enema Water Bottle Kit Review
      The enema is a life changer!
      Ree McLaughlin


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    • svdv
      Ive used a home made kit before untill i bought this, this flushes your system out like some kind of high pressure hose.
      All the crap and clutter is removed in no time and really helps to relieve bloating and it clears you mind.
      Its all connected i can tell, no crap means no foggy mind. And after im done i take markuss prebiotics .



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    • best purchase ever
      markus great product for cleaning yourself out works great



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