Collector Images from the Heart by Markus Rothkranz (1st Edition)
A collection of fine art painted by film director, author, and natural health expert Markus Rothkranz.
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A Note from Markus

Please note this product contains tasteful nudes, and cannot be returned or exchanged.

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Click on the videos tab below to learn about our beautiful, collector’s coffee table book of Markus Rothkranz’s paintings. All the images are hand-painted oil and acrylic paintings Markus has done throughout his life, and each image is accompanied by an inspirational inscription. Your soul and eyes need nourishment as much as your body.

So let’s need to take time to enjoy the beauty this world has to offer. Whenever you need to escape the stress of daily life, pick up this book and escape into some of the images. They will take you to another reality of peace, beauty, and overwhelming calmness. Looking at this book is a zen experience. You can feel yourself being pulled into the landscapes, and almost immediately feel yourself being inspired with creative energy and revived spirit.

  • Book length: 192 pages
    Language: English
    Book backing: Hardback only
    Book size: 11.25-in x 9-in (28.6-cm x 23-cm)
    ISBN: 9780983449096 54797

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