Markus 24 Disc YouTube Collector Set
The ultimate collection of Markus YouTube videos.
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Almost every Markus video ever made for YouTube and cinema made up to the end of 2016, which you can now watch on your big screen TV at home! See all the early Markus videos. Three cases, with eight disks in each one, bound in a beautiful collectors case. All the recipe videos, all the health videos, interviews, and eye-opening, life-changing information. Includes never-before-seen behind-the-scenes footage. See the famous Princess Video in big screen glory, Spy Girl, or the Stewardess Recipe video. Includes the full pilot episode of Atomic City, with unseen, hilarious behind-the-scenes footage. Over 200 videos to educate and inspire you to a new way of living! Plays in all international DVD zones.
  • Language: English
    DVD region: Plays in all regions
    Number of Discs: 24 discs

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