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Everything you need to survive is within one mile of where you live. Garry Tibbo will show you how to live on the wild plants in your neighborhood, make house payments without a job, heal any health condition, and be truly self-sufficient no matter what. This amazing and highly-inspiring 6 DVD set is a two day workshop that will show you how to never worry about the economy, or your health, ever again. This is true freedom!
  • Language: English
    DVD region: Plays in all regions
    Number of Discs: 6 discs

    • Free Living 101 Review
      The Free Food and Medicine and Free Living 101 DVD sets are amazing films that have helped me reduce my own cost of living and can help anyone else as well. I will say that they are well worth so much more than the price that Markus sells them at. So, if you have been curious, then you really gotta check them out. They will open up your world dramatically.
      Michael Angelica


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