Free Food & Medicine [5] DVD Set
Learn about wild plants and herbal medicine from the comfort of your home.
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No matter where you live, there are hundreds of edible wild plants growing in your neighborhood, and many of them are some of the most powerful healing plants known. There is no such thing as “weeds”. Those plants are here for a reason! Stop paying big money for half-dead food. Nature is your grocery store and pharmacy! This 5 DVD set, which also includes the “Free Wild Plants Recipe” booklet, will really open your eyes. This is a must-have!

  • Movie length: 9 hours
    Language: English
    DVD region: Plays in all regions
    Number of Discs: 5 discs

    • Free Food & Medicine Review
      My son has allergies and asthma and I have wanted to throw away the medicines doctors say he has to have but had no alternatives..and right now the fields are full of clover and dandelions and I knew they were calling to me as if I had an abundant treasure outside my back door but wasn’t sure how to use them. Thank you for sharing again Markus.
      Tammy Jenkins


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