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Free Food & Medicine Package Deal
  • Free Food & Medicine Package Deal product shot.

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Includes: The Free Food & Medicine 5 DVD set, the Free Living 101 6 DVD set, the 480 page “Ultimate Edible Plant Guide”, and the “Free Wild Plants Recipe” booklet.

About the Free Food & Medicine 5 DVD Set
No matter where you live, there are hundreds of edible wild plants growing in your neighborhood, and many of them are some of the most powerful healing plants known. There is no such thing as “weeds”. Those plants are here for a reason! Stop paying big money for half-dead food. Nature is your grocery store and pharmacy! This 5 DVD set, which also includes the “Free Wild Plants Recipe” booklet, will really open your eyes. This set is a must-have!

About the Free Living 101 6 DVD Set
Everything you need to survive is within one mile of where you live. Garry Tibbo will show you how to live on the wild plants in your neighborhood, make house payments without a job, heal any health condition, and be truly self-sufficient no matter what. This amazing and highly-inspiring 6 DVD set is a two-day workshop that will show you how to never worry about the economy, or your health, ever again. This is true freedom!

About the “Ultimate Edible Plant Guide”
Three years of production and a lifetime of research have gone into this book. It contains 480 pages of 1,000 worldwide edible plants with over 2,500 amazing color images. This book covers everything from house plants to wild plants to trees to flowers. Each plant in this book has a listing of what health conditions historically it’s been used for, and best of all, this book is compact enough to take outside. Want to know what plants make a great shampoo? Want to know what plants are toxic? Buy our Ultimate Edible Plant Guide and find out today!

  • Free Food and Medicine DVDs
    Movie length: 9 hours
    Language: English
    DVD region: Plays in all regions
    Number of Discs: 5 discs

    Free Living 101 DVDs
    Language: English
    DVD region: Plays in all regions
    Number of Discs: 6 discs

    Ultimate Edible Plant Guide
    Book length:480 pages
    Language: English
    Book backing: Paperback only
    ISBN: 9780983449065 52297

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