Starting Over Set
The perfect package deal for new Markus Products customers looking for a beginning point.
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  • Age-Free caps nutrition label.
  • Age-Free powder nutrition label.
  • Free-Colon caps nutrition label.
  • Free-Colon powder nutrition label.
  • Free-Liver caps nutrition label.
  • Free-Liver powder nutrition label.
  • Night Rebuild caps nutrition label.
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Product Description

Click on the videos tab below to learn all about the products in this set. Looking for a beginning point? The Starting Over Set is the perfect product bundle for you! Get six of our best-selling herbal formulas, plus two of our best-selling books, and save 15% over purchasing the items separately. Includes:

  • (1) Heal Yourself 101 (print book)
  • (1) Instructions New Life (print book)
  • (1) Green Formula (430g)
  • (1) Herbal Vitamin C powder (300g)
  • (1) Night Rebuild (350 capsules or 330g of powder)
  • (1) Age-Free (220 capsules or 170g of powder)
  • (1) Free-Colon (220 capsules or 170g of powder)
  • (1) Free-Liver (220 capsules or 170g of powder)
  • About Heal Yourself 101

    This is the revolutionary book that everyone is talking about. Heal Yourself 101 is the easiest to understand health book ever written. Learn how to heal yourself at home for almost nothing. You can read this book in ninety minutes. It gives you step-by-step instructions on what to do and how to do it with simple things you can do in your own home. Heal Yourself 101 will change your life!

    About Instructions for a New Life

    Instructions for a New Life is the book we should have been given from the beginning. Possibly one of the most important, life-changing books ever written. Don’t waste one more minute of your life. Finally, the answers to the ageless questions: Who, or what, are we? Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? The answer is so simple it will change you forever!

    About Green Formula

    This is your source of energy, vitamins, minerals, and nutrition. You can live off this stuff if you want. It’s a great meal replacement. Add it to your smoothies and you’ll find yourself eating less other food. Many people report going up to five hours of energy from this stuff. It also helps regulate blood sugar and is a great aid for helping with diabetes. View Product FAQs

    About Herbal Vitamin C

    This vitamin C is 100% powdered plants- the highest sources of vitamin C in the world, including extremely rare Gubinge, harvested by tribal people in Australia. Vitamin C helps convert cholesterol to adrenal hormones. Lack of vitamin C is one of the biggest reasons for collagen loss leading to wrinkles, aging, weakened arteries, and immune deficiency. Stress and stimulants like caffeine cause vitamin C deficiencies, so people in the modern world NEED vitamin C! Take as much of this stuff as you want. View Product FAQs

    About Night Rebuild

    This formula helps promote restful sleep and hormone production. Other than our Green Formula, this is one of the most important Markus Products formulas for people in the modern world. It has a unique flavor, thanks to the plentiful use of geranium flower. This is the exact same formula Markus and Cara use. Many people report no more night sweats after using our Night Rebuild formula. If you are serious about regenerating health, youth, and vitality, you need our Night Rebuild! View Product FAQs

    About Age-Free

    Our Age-Free formula contains the most powerful antioxidants known, which help fight free-radical damage and aging. Also includes Tocotrienols, the best non-toxic source of vitamin E, full B complex, ellagitannin and turmeric (two of the most powerful cancer fighters), grapeseed extract, fo-ti, jiaogulan, milk thistle, astragalus, and ashwagandha. It’s packed with the best of the best! View Product FAQs

    About Free-Colon

    Cleaning out the colon is the first thing you should do before anything else. This formula helps get things moving without giving you the runs. It has lots of fiber to brush your insides while absorbing toxins. It includes aloe to soothe the intestines, ginger to ease the digestive system, citrus flavinoid antioxidants, and cascara sagrada to push it all out. Works great! View Product FAQs

    About Free-Liver

    Your liver is your body's filter. It's your most important organ. All illnesses start with a clogged liver. All cholesterol and toxins end up in the liver, creating stones which end up in the gallbladder. The liver also produces glucose, your body's energy source, so if you are tired a lot, you need to clean out your liver! Free-Liver contains chanca piedra, and herb that literally dissolves stones! View Product FAQs

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