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Instructions for a New Life (1st Edition)
A book for those ready to move their lives in a new and better direction.
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A Note from Markus

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Click on the videos tab below to learn about the book we should have been given from the beginning. “Instructions for a New Life” starts with letting go of all the old thought patterns, destructive habits, relationships, and material things we cling to. It teaches us not to fear loss, by finding an inner peace that transcends our paranoid thoughts. Restart your life by cleansing your body through mind and body detoxing and a proper diet.

Possibly one of the most important life-changing books ever written. You’re finally given the answers to these ageless questions:

  • Who, or what, are we?
  • Why are we here?
  • What is the meaning of life?

The answers are so simple they will change you forever!

  • Book length: 304 pages
    Language: English
    Book backing: Paperback only
    ISBN: 978-0-9834490-7-2

    • Wow!!
      Best book I've read in a long time!!! Everyone should have a copy for themselves and their kids.  Everything in it is true and really hits home.  A wake-up call for some!  This book should  be on the NY times bestseller list!!!


      Toronto, ON

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    • Instructions for a New Life Review
      I bought the book, “Instructions For A New Life” and it was, honestly, the best book I have ever read. Thank you Markus for being a man of integrity.
      The Other Side


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    • best purchase ever
      markus great read instructions for a new life highly recommend



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    • Instructions for a New Life Review
      Should be part of the fundamental school curriculum a discipline called LIFE, and use as a guidebook Markus' book "Instructions for a New Life". I recently received my hard copy and after reading this, I thought "Oh my goodness, I wish I had read this book 25-30 years ago... but even at my age (!) it made a very positive change in my life! so if you are young, stick to this wise man and pave your way to your personal fulfillment!I
      Daniel Simon



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    • Fun and Easy Reading
      Great information, easily read. Thank you, Markus.


      Canberra Australia

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